Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Ranting…

It’s almost been a week since my broadband connection conked out. And the week before that, it was out for three days. All the support personnel can provide is that our area is under service maintenance.

Well thanks a lot GLOBE TELECOMS for maintaining our facilities very well that almost all the time our internet connection and not to mention voice line are out of service. I’m now contemplating on switching to another ISP and hope that their service is the lesser of two evils. I’ve been a Globe customer for quite sometime but their service and facilities started to dwindle and has gotten to my nerve. I was able to post this rant and my previous posts  from my workplace.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A kid’s wisdom


Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is a Quiz

Life is like a quiz.

It's a pile of questions upon questions upon questions each of which has a set of multiple choice for answers. These are our crossroads. The choices we make for our answers are our decisions.

The difference is that the choices are neither right nor wrong which is why we are not required to review. In fact there are no such things as reviewers in this type of quiz. And when we choose our answers we don't use our mind alone but also our heart.

Some correct answers will be vague, others will be illogical but right, most are dead sure answers but are chosen otherwise by people. Whatever answers we chose are affected by circumstances that we are experiencing. Other persons will not understand why we decided that way, others will support and provide guidance. But at any rate, we may opt not to choose any answer and get contented with what we already have.

The other difference is that we are allowed to copy from any whom you think is worth copying. That means we can copy or idolize the lives of others but may not have the same results.

And like any other quiz, one has to pass in order to be successful. But that doesn't mean getting all the answers right. Some answers will be deemed failures, others will be partially correct. Because unlike any other quiz, we will answer questions while learning from them. And these lessons will pile up as we answer more. And as we do rummage through the questions, we'll eventually learn to cope up and pass with flying colors.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Life says Garfield

Friday, March 05, 2010

Life and Anchors

There’s a big analogy between us and the boats sailing across the oceans. While the boats sail the vastness of the seas, we traverse the complexities of life. As the boats sail the great oceans, they try to withstand the waves and storms to reach ashore. And as we sail through our lives, we try to conquer our failures and obstacles to reach our dreams.

Life just like the sea is not always tranquil. At times there will be storms ahead that will disrupt our peaceful voyage. There will be storms that will test our durability, storms that will ruin our sails, storms that will threaten our future. Just as the boats at sea we need to anchor ourselves. We need to secure ourselves so we won’t drift away aimlessly.

Anchors are very important tools for fishermen and sailors. They use it to secure their vessels ashore so that these won’t drift out in to the open sea. A boat without an anchor will not stand a chance against the cruel sea most specially during a storm.That is why it is a necessity for every ship to have an anchor.

We need to anchor our lives because life is not always a tranquil sea. When you let yourself drift alone in life, there's a chance you might not make it out when a storm passes. We need someone whom to secure ourselves. We need someone who will hold us and keep us at bay. We need to anchor our hearts to someone we trust and someone we love.

I feel secured because I firmly anchored my heart in my family and to God. Whenever a “storm” comes I can count on their support and guidance. And my faith in God will always reassure me that He is always there watching over. How about you? Who’s your anchor in life?