Wednesday, June 23, 2010



I got a good laugh at this analogy and hope brings out a smile on you too…

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Perfect Life


Life as we know it is not "perfect". There are ups and downs, twists and turns, dark days, good days. Well, imagine a life that is too “perfect”. A life with  no worries, no hang-ups, no problems. One would say that life is good. Everything is right where you want it to be. All day and all night is fun, fun, fun. There's no let up, no mood swings, no gloominess. It's the perfect world, the best life, the perfect life in fact. Or is it?

A fun life isn't perfect. It is a life of solitude. It is a life without a meaningful purpose. It’s an empty life, a life that has no goal. Now imagine life on the opposite side. Everything is dull, dark, gloom, wretched. Every minute of the day is worrisome. Problem abounds. Everyday existence is an agony. Life is unfair. Life sucks!

The two scenarios, are the two extreme sides of life. Both are not fantasies, they are realities. The "better" side of life is almost always the after-sought between the two for who doesn't want to get away with misery, problems and misfortunes. But then again there are those in this side who are also unhappy, regretful and discontented for whatever they have, fame, power, or money doesn't satisfy them. Hence, life will not always be perfect.

What then makes life better, more meaningful, more worthy or near perfect? There is only one reason for life and that is love for love is the reason for our existence.  Love builds families. Love binds friendships. Love creates relationships. Love gives purpose to life. And life full of love is close to perfection.