Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life is full of hard decisions…




Like this man, we are all confronted with multitudes of choices everyday, where one choice leads to several paths and decisions leads to more choices.  Choices, paths, decisions, all are but part of our daily struggle to achieve a better life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Everyday Notes to Enjoy Life (19)

everyday notes to enjoy life 19

Gone are the days when you use pen and paper to send your thoughts and misses to your friends. Gone are the days when you pour out your emotions and feelings to a friend with ink and fibers. Gone are the days when you use your own handwriting, your own creative ways when you want to tell your friend that you haven't forgotten him or her. And gone are the days when friends excitedly await from the postman when your next letter will arrive.

It's a sad thing to note that the old beautiful ways has been replaced by fast but less poignant technology driven emails, sms and the like. Internet have made your friends seem closer because of faster conveyance of messages but it is still quite meaningful if a friend receives a real letter handwritten by you, sent and sealed by your own hands and not by 1's and 0's.