Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An unworhty homily...

Sometimes going to mass is a drag. This is because of some priests who do not know the real reasons for their vocation. For some of us, hearing mass is a form of spiritual nourishment. It's where we get our spiritual strength, re-learn our moral values, and for personal upliftment. It's like a "soul-booster", well you know what I mean.

Last Sunday, my wife and I went to mass as we often do. Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve the "nourishment" we were expecting as we were totally disheartened by the priest's homily. He first started talking about the church being a prolife which was ok. Then he delved in the subject deeper talking on abortion. And then he cursed this people doing such a thing. Then he talked about same-sex marriage, divorce, then he cursed some more. And then he touched politics. He cursed this politicians who authored bills on divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage. And then he lectured us about voting for the right people as if we don't have minds of our own. It's like listening to some old drunk. This is one reason why some catholics lose their faith in the church. If he only dwelled on the spiritual side of these problems and their moral implications. If he only enlightened us more on the day's gospel and readings, I think people will be able take the right path and they will be inspired to choose the right persons for the government.

Thankfully, there are the likes of Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite (a Philippine charismatic priest) and Bro. Bo Sanchez who continually inspire and feed us words of wisdom, keeping us in touch with our faith.

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