Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A seminar worth taking

This post is long over due because I am writing about an event me and my wife attended way last, last weekend. I told myself I should be prompt and proper in posting updates on my blog whenever something new come up but sometimes time doesn't cooperate or so it seems. Well, it's better than no post at all for this week.

Last Saturday, we, (my wife and I that is), attended a seminar on How to be Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez at Camp Aguinaldo, QC. I can say that it was a very fruitful experience as we were essentially turned from reluctant investors to risk takers. Yup, my wife and I are now into investing on mutual funds, balanced funds and sometimes stocks. However the more important aspect of the seminar is not solely focused on wealth but also touched on how to manage your wealth without losing our Christian values.

Bo has this very intuitive way of combining wealth management with spiritual abundance as he calls it. He is one of the most credible and acknowledged Christian speakers in the Philippines and is often invited by no less than the President herself to give Spiritual advice when she needed. Apparently, she needed one at the time we were having the seminar for she demanded Bo's attendance in a meeting for her SONA(State of the Nation Address) the next day.

Bo is a sinister speaker with a great sense of humor. Everybody loves him and everyone open their ears everytime he speaks. It is his core gift he says. He has this knack of delivering funny anecdotes and sometimes hilarious experiences of his during the seminar that's why we enjoyed the whole talk, and I'm quite sure the audience did too. It was a half-day seminar worth 500 pesos and I daresay it was worth it for aside from Bo's talk, he also invited his financial mentor (I didn't quite catch her name though) to introduce the group on the basics of wealth management.

The talk is actually about his new book 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. We still attended the seminar though we already had a copy, er, 2 copies actually the first is bought by my wife and the second one is a complimentary copy. Sadly he wasn't able to sign any of the two books.

As yet again, the Law of Attraction is stressed out in the talk, though it came from different forms and styles. But aside from that, he touched on gaining passive incomes from every sources you can imagine starting from your own core gift, to leveraging, mutual funds etc. Bo's mentor meanwhile talked about Einstein's compounding interest formula - the Rule of 72 which computes for how many times you can double your investment given the interest and retirement age you are planning.

It was a very inspiring talk. We learned a lot from it. I am practically inspired to invest wisely now and concentrate more efforts developing my core skills so I could generate passive incomes for my family's future. Blogging I suppose is one of the best place to start =>.

You may catch Bo's video feeds here.


Shay said...

hopefullu i can attend one of his speaking engagements in the future. i used to read Kerygma & other sister publications. wonderful blog!

narendra.s.v said...


ultradust@gmail.com said...

Hi, Saw that you mentioned "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich " if so - you

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"dreaming big in your life and

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See you or your friends there!


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