Thursday, November 15, 2007

Everyday notes to enjoy life (8)

I love to eat. Who doesn't? But do you like to cook? I do. However I just am not that good at it without my good old recipe book or magazine for that matter. Cooking is fun just as blogging is. When I cook, sometimes I imagine myself as a scientist or chemist if you may. Concocting different ingredients, trying different formulas then experimenting the final result unto yourself, by tasting it. Now wasn't that fun?

Life is like cooking. You've got to try and experiment other recipes, methods and ingredients so as not to bore your taste buds. You may love the change or not. You may like the new recipe or not. But the sure thing is, you'll learn something new out of this experience. It may be an improvement or it may be a mistake. Either way it will add to your skill in cooking. Just like in life. No risk, no gain.

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Tracy said...

I agree.

Trying new things, not getting stuck in a rut, is useful to remember. I grow when I'm outside my comfort zone. Plus there's that rush with the new, excitement in life.

I like cooking too. Plus I laughed at your comic.

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