Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Thread of Faith

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Thomas is a very sinful man. Naturally, when he died his soul went straight to hell. That's the time he regreted all of what he's done. For he can no longer bear the torture, punishment and fire that's eating up his soul. He began to contemplate very hard on his sins. He began to pray. He prayed so hard and he prayed heartfully. And God was so merciful that he listened to Thomas' plea to get him out of hell.

God said, "Thomas, I'm giving you another chance. I'm going to drop a thread for you to hold on while I pull you out of that burning pit." And so God fulfilled His promise.

A very thin thread dropped from heaven. Thomas grabbed the thin thread and hold on to it. Suddenly, he is slowly being pulled up. Slowly, he is ascending through the piece of thin thread.

The other souls in hell noticed this and they immediately scrambled unto Thomas. They were frantically grabbing him from everywhere. His legs, his arms. They were all over him because everyone wants to be saved.

Thomas panicked. "You stupid fools, this thread won't hold all of us!" He shrieked. And in his furious effort to get rid of them, he kicked and swat and cursed everyone who grabbed him. That's when the thread snapped and they all fell down back to the burning pit.

Then God said, "Thomas, that very piece of thread was your faith and it wasn't strong enough to pull you out from your misery."

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