Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Summer Time!

Summer life in the Philippines is so fiestarrific. It is one of my favorite seasons, second to Christmas. Because summer here is synonymous to beaches. Almost the entire summer season, you'd find beaches in fiesta atmosphere.

The Philippines is very blessed with great summer getaways, from north to south and within the scattered islands, beaches abound. In the north, the Batanes islands welcome tourists and whale pods alike to its majestic hills and temperate waters.

In Pangasinan, the famous hundred islands entice you to go island hopping. In Boracay, the pristine waters and white sand beaches attract thousands of visitors all year. Puerto Galera, another popular white sand island boasts its attractive diving sites.

Down the south is Siargao beach, which is considered the surfing capital of the Philippines where international competitions are held. And then there is Bohol and Palawan islands, hosting the most diversified wildlife in nature. Their magnificent diving sites, beaches and vacation islands such as Panglao, El Nido and Aman Pulo entice even Hollywood celebrities.

I am looking forward to another nice summer dip in the beach, forget work, throw away stress and get in touch with nature.


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Tess Marie said...

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