Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everyday Notes to Enjoy Life (13)

Was there a time when your boss noticed your good work or accomplishments? Or perhaps a good old neighbor noticing your orhids which you have painstakingly labored for them to grow wonderful flowers. It feels great, right? There's a feeling of satisfaction inside you, even though there isn't any material rewards. In fact an honest, sincere praise is worth more than any rewards. Somehow it lifts your moods. It keeps you on your goals. It motivates you to work even harder and it gives you a sense of pride. You would feel elated that someone appreciated you.

Praising is like putting someone in a higher pedestal without lifting a finger. The problem is that, some people find it easier to look for the flaws. Because it's much fun and amusing to gossip about other's imperfections. These people are selfish. They are jealous. And they hide their dark pride by resenting others.

Praise someone. "Lift him up" and you'll find a pleasant reward in return.

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