Sunday, February 22, 2009

National Lotto Day

Today should be declared Philippine National Lotto day. Because this is the day where millions of Filipinos will troop to lotto outlets all over the country trying to win the biggest lottery pot in history - 320 million pesos at least (i.e. 6.8 million US dollars). We've already made our bets early in the morning making sure to avoid the longest lines of people in the afternoon. My wife thought of an ingenious way to have a better chance of winning. We call it group lotto. She and her officemates, I included, contributed three sets of numbers each that is worth 60 pesos bet and whichever number wins, the group will divide the pot equally. That increases each persons number of bets, which of couse increases his/her chances of winning. Well, good luck to us. May the best or should I say luckiest Filipino win.

UPDATE:(2/23/2009) 2 very lucky Filipinos today instantly became multi-millionaires after bagging the much coveted more than 300 million peso prize for yesterday's lotto draw. As for our group lotto, only one set picked a correct three-number combination which is equivalent to 100 peso prize. Well, we couldn't divide this amongst ourselves could we? We've just decided to place our money on the the next lottery.

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