Friday, June 05, 2009

When Dreams Crumble

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When dreams crumble, we feel hopelessness, misery, despair. We begin to feel that everything is crumbling towards us, burying us in a pit of depression.

When dreams crumble, time suddenly stops and our whole world grounds to a halt. It's as if crumpled dreams can bend space and time that we can't go forward and go on living. We tend to go back in time and backtrack where we blundered and regretted doing it over and over, trapping us in a past that can never be rectified.

When dreams crumble, the test of character begins. It's the time when our high spirits suddenly plummet and we begin to question our belief and faith.

When dreams crumble, our optimism and confidence begins to recede. Our positive outlook in life begins to dim. The feeling of pessimism begins to creep in engulfing us with the dark fear of failing again.

When dreams crumble, it sparks hatred. We get angry of the world. We blame ourselves. And worst we blame God for our predicament.

When dreams crumble, everything becomes nothing.

When dreams crumble, it is not the time to wage war against the world. It is not the time to revolt against God. It is certainly not the time to blame ourselves for our failure. It is the start of a new challenge. A start of a different path towards our dreams. Because the path towards it is not a straight line, it is a combination of different branches which represent choices and decisions. We may choose to start from scratch or from the root, or we can choose to tread another path much like a detour.

This war is not us against anyone else but rather it's us against ourselves. This is a test of faith. A test of strength. A test of perseverance. If we succumb to our own failure, everything will go to waste, our dreams along with it.

Our failure to fulfill our dreams is not at all a failure. It is not the end nor it was a waste of time. It is not a blot in our resumes but rather an additional experience that we can flaunt. It is something that we should not be ashamed of but something that we are proud of. Because as we build our dreams, we are building our own character.

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