Monday, July 20, 2009

Life is a Big Uncertainty.

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Life is a big uncertainty. It has always been and it always will be until such a time when human beings will develop a technology to really predict his future. Or until such a time when humans will evolve an extra sensory perception so he will have an oversight of what he will become someday. But until then, life is and always will be an uncertainty.

Life’s ambiguity has always kept us in the dark. Groping and guessing our fate. What awaits us and what is in store for us is anybody’s guess. Would you be bothered about it? Would you worry? For me, it’s really irrelevant. To know what you will become will not make life any easier. It won’t make any difference at all. What matters is what you do in the present. The knowledge of seeing your own future doesn’t guarantee its fulfillment unless you do something about it.

Imagine this, suppose you are certain that you will be a successful doctor someday. Will you just sit around and wait for it to happen? It doesn’t work that way. Your decisions, your choices and the process that you’ll work to attain it will still stand. And since you are certain that you will become a successful doctor, there will be constant pressure and anxiety and unbearable conscious effort to become one. And the more it will be harder to be one.

Trudging in the depths of life, to an unknown future is not a big deterrent to one’s success. It’s what makes life an adventure. It’s what keeps us on track. It provides us the big challenge. It is what inspires us to do greater work.

The best way to deal about the vagueness of life is not to waste time predicting the future, but to, rather, dream about it. Make yourself an ambition. Set it as a goal no matter how high and fulfill it in your own terms. Aspire it. Work your way around it. Because there’s no other greater fulfillment than the reward of achieving the dream you have worked for.

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