Friday, October 19, 2007

A terrifying moment

By now, probably everyone already heard of the tragic event that happened today in Glorietta, Makati City. I was astounded to realize that I was actually on my way to the mall at that moment but went instead to a nearby bookstore where I thought is a better place to buy some time as I was waiting for my colleague's call.

It was a very terrifying moment, being in there and hearing sirens everywhere. For two hours I stayed inside the bookstore, not wanting to leave fearing of another blast within the area.

I really felt sorry for those people who were caught in the explosion. But I felt no remorse to those whoever responsible for it though it wasn't yet confirmed as of this writing if it was a delibarate act of terrorism. I am very thankful to God for not experiencing such tragedy.


Tina Su - Think Simple. Be Decisive said...

Yes, this event is tragic. Maybe, this should teach us to strive learning to nurture peace inside us. Fear, hate and panic would only create more conflict - that's the very idea why those behind this deplorable act did it. Terrorism is a mindset preoccupied by fear. Peace is a mindset of hope.

Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple. Be Decisive.

rouel said...

Very well said Tina. Thanks.

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