Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas comes, Christmas goes

I guess everyone still has a hangover from the holidays including me. Nobody wants to let go of that long-sought vacation. I'm practically dragging myself to wake up in the early morning and be ready for work. Everyone misses the holidays, the merry-making, the grandiose celebrations, and did I mention the very long vacation?

When I enter the malls, I can still hear the music of Christmas carols, I can still see those Christmas decors, the Christmas trees and all. And I just realized that Christmas has still not officially ended as far as the Philippines is concerned. The event officially ends after the feast of the Three Kings which is usually January 6. That's why the spirit of the season still lingers even though we are now again inside our enclosed cubicles, trapped in our classrooms and again brave the horrendous traffic of the city.

I had fun. Whisking away office works from my system for quite a number of days was a relief. I felt in such a way rejuvenated just to prepare myself for another round of battle.

Well, Christmas comes, Christmas goes, as my blog says - life's like that. But I hope the spirit of the season - the season of giving and the season of forgiving will also linger in us even when Christmas is over.

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