Friday, January 08, 2010

Dampening the Christmas spirit

Last Christmas, we've found ourselves in a jovial mode. We practically enjoyed everything that we did. Even though we emptied our pockets not for ourselves but for gifts to other people, we didn't mind.

We were so generous and the feeling was so contagious that all of us even those who had just few, spent their hard-earned money to buy for others. It was the perfect time for presents, surprises and party galore.

That was us during Christmas, we were so hyped, so energetic... so generous. However after the season fades, so is our glorious selves. And the color, and the majesty of it all slowly transformed back to the usual setting we used to have. It's our own usual ways, it's our former selves... it was us.

So the glory days of Christmas will be missed, until the season cycles back and we'll revert back to jovial, generous mode. Sadly, that's not our norm.

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