Sunday, May 09, 2010

Roo's gift

I never thought I could still catch a very valuable lesson from children shows these days.

One of my son's favorites is Disney's My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Disney's Playhouse is his favorite cable channel. Sometimes we have to trick him so we can watch other shows.

Anyways, one episode is about Roo's problem. It was I Love You day in Hundred Acre Woods where everyone expresses love for each other. Most everyone is giving cards, but Roo completely forgot to do anything at all, even for his mom. He wants to give her a special gift, but isn't sure what to give. His friends suggest gift ideas that suit her interests. So he gave her a pot of honey but Pooh ate it all. Second, he gave her a vase of flowers, but he sneezed at them and made a mess. Then he thought of giving her a work of art, but the wind blew it all away. Tired and exasperated, he nearly gave up. But then his friends thought of the only gift that can never be taken, or sneezed at, or blew away.

He gave her a very warm HUG....




Happy Mother’s Day!

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