Sunday, April 05, 2009

A grave challenge

Father Jason Laguerta, Director of San Carlos Seminary presided over the mass we attended this Sunday. My wife and I are actually all ears when he celebrates mass because of the way he delivers his homily. Today, he struck us hard again with a sharp, powerful, guilt-revealing homily (well actually it's not a sermon but a plea as he put it).

As we all know, the Philippines as a predominant catholic country observes the Lenten season every year. Consequently, it is one of the longest non-working holidays closely anticipated by many Filipinos. However Fr. Jason stressed that this vacation is not a vacation at all. We as Catholics should observe the season with moral and spiritual obligations in mind.

The Holy Week is not just one day but seven days. Palm Sunday is only the beginning. Many of us throng to the church to celebrate the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem. Most of us bring our fancy decorated fronds or "palaspas" to commemorate His arrival just like when He entered Jerusalem. But then overtime, people abandoned Him. People who followed Him, who praised Him, who glorified Him, even His disciples were nowhere to be found when He was mercilessly persecuted.

And we are doing this again to Him. During this Holy days, we spend our time in beautiful beaches. We go about our own planned vacations. On the first Holy Week, people abandoned Him and we are no better. How would you feel if your closest friends suddenly abandoned you in your time of despair. How would you feel if the people you trusted most suddenly left you in your time of suffering. How would you feel if you thought you'll have all the shoulders to lean on in time of darkest days only to find out that they have forsaken you.

You know how it feels to be left alone by people whom you think are your real friends. That's what Jesus felt during His moment of trials. And we are continually doing it to Him everytime the season of Lent comes.

Father Jason has instilled in our hearts a very grave challenge. The choice is left for us to decide. Just a thought though, funny how we go hurrying and praying for His intercession everytime we are in dire need and accused Him of not being there when we don't get what we want.

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