Friday, April 24, 2009

Life is simple.

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Life is simple. Most of the time we just complicate it. When we prioritize our wants before our needs. When we first think of our luxuries instead of our necessities. When we satisfy our desires instead of our dreams; when we satisfy first our mind's curiosity before our heart's contentment. Sometimes we are not in a position to complain because of our predicament. The way we came to be is our own choosing. We made our choices; we made our decisions. We choose to live luxuriously at the expense of our future. It's not the world's fault. It's ours.

The principle of simple living doesn't necessarily mean depriving oneself with life's great pleasures. It only means controlling your desire of material things created by man that rely so much on money. Controlling yourself to have more than what you can afford. Simply put, do not live beyond your means. Because real happiness and pleasure cannot be satisfactorily realized through material things.

The roots of complicated life most of the time weave from our relentless crave for earth-borne material things. These are but one of the many maladies of being human. We dream,therefore we desire. We wish, therefore, we envy. We yearn, therefore, we feel jealous. And how else can we cure these disease other than to satisfy them. However, there are gifts that are innate to us to counteract these undesirable traits. We were bestowed the gift of wisdom, the power of perception, and the philosophy of understanding.

Therefore, in the midst of these enthralling temptations, we have the power to thwart all of them so that we can live simply and modestly. We must not let these material things control us, but rather let us control them for better purposes.

Real happiness can only be obtained from within ourselves, our families, our friends and how we perceive our relationship with others. Life is simple, don't complicate it. Of course, you'd think you deserve to live better and that's when positive outlook and your drive to succeed comes in. But that is another story.

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