Friday, April 03, 2009

A period of great depression

We are in a period of "great depression". Everyone is depressed!

The economic crisis is affecting us severely, killing our jobs and disrupting our way of life. Some people are losing their grip. They are like robots that malfunction when subjected to intense stress and pressure. Some resort to violence; suicide, indiscriminate shooting and atrocities that are unthinkable. Some people tend to hurt not only themselves but the innocents, even their own families. Such wave of terrifying news has gripped the world during the past months.

I say it's cowardice to result to such inhuman acts. First of all, violence doesn't solve anything. Second, losing work doesn't mean losing everything more so your life. We are here not to work but to live. We received the gift of life so it is our job to preserve it, realize it and fulfill it. True, losing our financial security is a tragedy. But it's just plain dumb and stupid to resort to such violent means.

Here in the Philippines, the crisis is rarely felt. People even laughed it off implying that they have been used to it. That their lives have been in crisis ever since. There is a great deal of advantage living in developing countries like the Philippines. People have been acquainted with life's hardships. You would find them living life one day at a time. Struggling to make both ends meet. Yet, even the poorest of the poor, will find time to laugh, find leisure and enjoy life.

Problems abound. Life is not life without problems. And crisis or no crisis, life should go on. Remember, these struggles will either make us or break us. If we make it through, that will add to our remarkable life resume. If not, there are people around us that we can turn to for help. Prayers will help a lot. It's those times when faith really plays a pivotal role.

Problems are just temporary. They tend to fade away and resolve themselves in time even without you lifting a single finger. So hold on. Endure every struggle. Before you know it, your storm has already passed.

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