Saturday, September 15, 2007

Everyday notes to enjoy life (1)

Yesterday, as I was rummaging through some stuff in our cabinet, I found a tiny box. Inside it were wonderful notes of everyday good things to do to add more joy to life. This was a gift from my thoughtful wife way back when we were still dating when I was desperately looking for a better job. I thought that the theme is very perfect for this blog and that I have to share the notes to inspire others. So what I'll do is to pick random notes every now and then and I hope to lift some spirit on anyone who feels glum.

So here's the first one:

You may also double your effort by adding a few ‘good day’ greetings to your smile. Some people may just smirk you off or may leave harsh remarks such as “What are you smiling at as#@$&?le!”. The important thing is that you’ve conveyed your message and it’s up to them if they reject it or receive it well.


Keli said...

Very nice and good advice!

rouel said...

Thanks keli...

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