Monday, September 24, 2007

Mass Baptism

Last Saturday, I witnessed the mass baptism of more than a hundred kids. The 9-month-old daughter of my wife's cousin happens to be one of them and I was asked to be one of her godparents for which I obliged.The church was packed with people and the kids, 76 of them and the first of two batches, have to endure the weltering ceremony. Outside the church, 98 more kids were waiting for their turn.

The special occasion, I've learned is held every year coinciding with the barangay fiesta. Parents take this opportunity to spare themselves of expensive preparations for the baptismal celebration including the minimal fee often charged by the church.

The only presiding priest attending the ceremony referred to all the kids in general, all the parents and godparents. Then he has to go to every baby for the actual baptismal rites.

It was quite an experience however I just felt no solemnity at all. In most part, the priest was barely audible such that most of us couldn't respond well during the ceremony. Other people sometimes joke around in their responses. It wasn't at all that amusing.

For all its worth, more than 200 kids joined our Christian community in that single ceremony and I want to greet all of them specially my godchild - Happy Christening! May the Lord bless all of you as you grow up.

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