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Ms. Cory Quirino is a health enthusiast and beauty expert here in the Philippines. She's an advocate of natural means to enhance one's well-being. She promotes alternative ways to obtain clean, healthy living by using the gifts of nature. She has written countless books about beauty and fitness, and discovering the fountain of youth. Thought I could share some of her tips on how to live life to the fullest.

Living for the present moment

By Cory Quirino

"No time like the present." -Mary Manley

A POPULAR text message being passed around goes something like this: "Don't fret over the past, it's gone. And worrying about the future makes today stressful. Instead, live for the moment. Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present."

Stress vs the present

Living for the present moment is not possible unless one loosens the grip of fear. Other blocks in one's psyche can freeze one in the past or paralyze a person to make him unable to focus on the future. World-renowned expert on holistic health Dr. Deepak Chopra says stress is not really about problems concerning today. "Instead we feel anxiety because we anticipate pain in the future or we feel depression, guilt or sorrow because we brood on pain from the past. Freeing yourself of past and future relieves you of stress."

Survival mode

The concept of living in the present is basic to human survival. To illustrate, here is a story:

Carla had fallen in love with Louie who lived in another country. Louie planned to move to be with Carla. But because he had business matters to clear up, the transfer was taking longer than expected. Meanwhile, Carla worried more as each day passed. Her fears slowly overcame her. Would their dream of being together ever happen? Would she have to be the one to move, give up her job? The questions never gave her peace until Louie told her, "Please do not forget that we are happy now. Things are okay between us."

This simple statement gave Carla her moment of enlightenment. She learned that if one could focus on the present moment, lives could be lived more happily.

Tips for living today

1. Do the best you can now in preparation for the future.

2. Put attention on tomorrow by planning things today.
3. Once you have prepared well, do not worry about what has to be done tomorrow because you have done all there is to do today.
4. Throw away your list of wrongs?a long list of who has hurt you and how many times. This will only weigh you down, says Jeff Davidson, author of "Breathing Space."
5. By doing so, you need not worry about losing your spouse, job, home, sanity, health, because you have already done your best.

Exercise one

Disintegrating worry:

Write a letter (which you will never send) to somebody whom you trust. Describe your concerns, hurts, etc. Just let the feelings flow. As you write, insights will surface to guide you.

Exercise two

Life themes:

List down 12 major turning points in your life. Write for 10 minutes about any one of them. Put away what you have written. Next day, write once more. After reading three episodes of your life, re-read them and see if there are any similarities in themes.

Life message

The only antidote for stress and its dramatic effects on our lives is harmony. This harmony can be achieved by being aware of grace in your life and how it is working in your life harmony that is both inner and outer.

For one cannot possibly exude outer harmony without inner peace and inner grace.

Calming facial mask

Drink a warm cup of water. Add a few mint leaves. Chew a sprig of mint. Slowly sip the mint water.

In a blender, add half a cucumber, 1 tablespoon of milk and mint leaves. Once well mixed, apply onto your clean face. Leave on for seven minutes. Relax and refresh!


"Today, I will live like never before."

Love and light!

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